Monday, July 2, 2012

Tool # 8

We listened to the video about iPads and iTouches in the classroom.  We learned how to sync the devices to my computer and create an iToons account.  We also learned how to sign up for and download Apps onto the devices.

Since I am a Counselor I will not have my own devices.  I will need to work closely with the classroom teachers when using the iPads and iTouches.  The devices would be good for stations, when a few students would need to work on certain Life Skills.

We also listened to the video of the Dell 2120.  It was most informative in explaining the different aspects and components of the computer.  We learned that the Dells could be used instead of the larger computers.. This video would be a good introductory/refresher lesson on the use of the Dell 2120.  The video was most helpful and can be used as a teaching device.

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