Friday, July 6, 2012

Tool # 10

When I think of a good classroom, I think of one in which the teacher incorporates the precepts of TRIBES. In TRIBES  the classroom functions as a community where all students (citizens) are to be treated with respect; each student has the freedom to speak or pass; and each student has a job or responsibility.

When I think of being a good digital citizen, I feel that the students must follow the same precepts that are set out in TRIBES.  Students must be responsible for their actions when using technology.  This includes, but is not limited to, visiting only the approved WEB sites; using the appropriate apps; using caution when chatting with someone online; and documenting any information that is copied to give credit to the author.

Respect is most important in using technology.  Students must be taught that it is never OK to write something mean, hurtful, and/or false about  anyone.  The common misconception seems to be that it is OK to write something derogatory for you are not face to face with anyone.   However, this is never OK, for once entered digitally, it is there for others to see and is very hurtful and often harmful to the victim.  Cyber attacks are a form of bullying.

Digital Citizenship just like real Citizenship comes with responsibilitiy.  Students must accept the responsibilities associated with technologies so that they will be able to utilize them completely

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