Monday, June 4, 2012

Tool # 2

My only issue so far is just remembering how to get to my blog.  It is very helpful to have Lisa Branon here to assist.

I enjoyed reading everyone's blog and feel that I learned various ways that the FWE teachers were going to use their blogs for their classrooms.
I do not particularly enjoy sharing my thoughts with others publicly for I do not like to be judged on something I do when I do not completely understand what I am doing.  I would prefer to share my thoughts orally with my teammates, which allows for discussion.  This article was very interesting for it goes along with SBISD's 5 year plan, addressing post high school education, 4, 2, T.  A 2 or 4 yr college degree is not for everyone.  As quoted by Fred Smith, CEO of FedEX , who expresses college education is not for everyone.  People are needed in technical fields and can have a profitable and fulfilling career without ever attending college.

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